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Figure set are a new way of displaying large numbers of online-only figures. In the original method, or "regular", online-only figures were all sent to the reader's computer when the figure was selected. This delivery method is fine for small numbers of online-only figures, &le 20, but doesn't scale well with larger numbers. In addition to delivery problems, navigation of the figures in this format becomes problematic. The figure set framework solves both of these problems by only delivering the selected online-only figures and providing a useful navigation table in the left frame to take the reader to any figure in the list. A live ApJ example is Figure 9 in Nielsen, Gull, & Kober (2005). An AJ example is Figure 2 in Kovalev et al. (2005). Compare the figure sets design with the original, regular online-only figures format. Figure 9 in Pereyra & Magalhaes (2004) shows how a large number of figures had to be displayed before figure sets were developed.

To facilitate the figure linking available in the navigation table, the online-only figures and associated information need to be placed in the new AASTeX/LaTeX mark up specifically designed for figure sets. This online tool can be used to create your own LaTeX mark up for simple figure sets. You can also request that the figure set be created for you after acceptance of the paper. If you choose this option, please include in your instructions to the editorial office

  1. all the online-only figures,
  2. which type of online-only figure format and if figure sets,
  3. a global title for each figure set that describes all the figures in the set,
  4. figure captions for each figure in the set (can all be identical), and
  5. a translation table for each figure set.

The translation table should be as simple as a two column ascii table with the figure name in the first column and the short, descriptive name used for the link in the second column, e.g.

f1_1.eps M1
f1_2.eps M2
... ...
f1_100.eps M100

A list of all published papers with figure sets in the AAS Journals are provided in this link.

If you have questions about online-only tables or any other supplemental material, please contact Dr. Greg Schwarz at gschwarz"at"