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AAS Electronic Notification Service - Announcement #22

AAS Electronic Notification Service - Announcement #22 3/96

  1. Childcare at Madison Meeting
  2. Software Technical Reports Due
  3. News from NED
  4. NAS On-line Career Planning Information

1. Childcare at Madison AAS Meeting

A licensed childcare provider has been located on the University of Wisconsin campus. See the current information in the Madison Meeting's Preliminary Announcement on the Web,

2. AAS Working Group on Astronomical Software Technical Reports Due

The deadline for submission of Software Technical Reports is this Friday, 15 March 1996. Reports will be published in the next issue of the Bulletin of the AAS, the same issue that will be handed out at the AAS Madison Meeting. The Publications section of the AAS Homepage contains submission instructions. See

3. News from NED
By George Helou, Barry F. Madore and Marion Schmitz (IPAC/JPL/CIT)

Since June 1990 the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database (NED) has been providing, free of charge, computer-network access to a broad range of published extragalactic data. In its current release NED offers both (1) an X-Window Graphical User xInterface capable of supporting point-and-click, mouse-driven menus, as well as graphics and image-display capabilities, and (2) a VT100 ASCII-character menu.

The January 1996 version of the NED database contains positions, basic data, and over 760,000 names for [3]82,000 extragalactic objects, as well as some 685,000 bibliographic references to 29,000 published
papers, and over 35,000 notes from catalogs and other publications. NED supports searches for objects and references, and offers browsing capabilities for more than 10,000 verbatim abstracts of recent articles of extragalactic interest. Spectral energy distributions can now be obtained based on NED data found in the Photometric Data Frames.

NED can be accessed over the INTERNET provided users have at least a VT100 terminal, or VT100 emulation software, (e.g., an `X-term' window on a workstation) for the character-based interface; or X-Windows running on workstations for the GUI. A connection can be obtained with the command: <telnet>. Once connected to the NED platform and prompted for a ``login:'', simply respond with <NED> (no password is required) and follow the interface options and instructions provided. Once connected to NED, the system is designed to be self-documenting, especially through the HELP utilities and the ``control-A'' key. First-time users may want to read the Tutorial in the `News and Information' section of the interface, or visit the NED home page at

In case of problems that require special attention, users may contact any of the following: George Helou, Barry F. Madore, or Marion Schmitz at (818) 397-9594. All work for NED is being carried out by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, under contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Astrophysics Division, Science Operations Branch).

4. NAS On-line Career Planning Information

The National Academy of Sciences has opened a new online career planning center to help beginning scientists and engineers make career and education decisions and find employment. It can be accessed at