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*NEW* Astronomy Ambassadors Workshop for Early-Career AAS Members: Resources and Techniques for Effective Outreach to Students and the Public

5-6 January 2013, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST

The newly established AAS Astronomy Ambassadors program is designed to support early-career AAS members with training in resources and techniques for effective outreach to students and/or the public. The first Astronomy Ambassadors workshop will be held on 5-6 January 2013 in conjunction with the 221st AAS meeting in Long Beach, California.


From the Executive Office

As I write this column, I am preparing and packing for the long trip across the Pacific Ocean to the 28th International Astronomical Union (IAU) General Assembly in Beijing, China. More than 500 US astronomers will be attending as well, more than a hundred of which had their travel enabled through support provided by a grant from the NSF and administered by the AAS as our International Travel Grant Program.

AAS 220th Meeting Videos

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Invited Sessions

  • 100: Welcoming Address by UAA Chancellor Tom Case;
    AAS Welcomes New Division (Audio Only)
  • 101: Kavil Prize: Laboratory Astrophysics as Key to Understanding the Universe
  • 112: SPD Hale Prize: The Two Sources of Solar Energetic Particles
  • 126: Exploring the Planet Mercury: One Year of MESSENGER Orbital Observations
  • 127: Transits of Venus and Mercury: Exoplanet Analogs in Our Solar System
  • 300: SPD Harvey Prize: The Solar Cycle: From Understanding to Forecasting
  • 311: Russell Prize: The Cold Dark Matter Theory of Galaxy Formation: A Status Report
  • 325: The Plasma Physics of Cosmic Rays
  • 327: Public Talk: The Accelerating Universe
  • 400: SPD Parker Lecture: How to Observe (Rather Than Model) The Interiors of Stars
  • 412: Warner Prize: Bubble, Bubble, Toil, And Trouble: A Theorist's Romp Through The Cosmic Dawn
  • 425: Under the Radar: The First Woman in Radio Astronomy, Ruby Payne-Scott
  • 426: SkyMapper: Surveying the Southern Sky
  • 500: SPD Parker Lecture: Solar Twins and Stellar Maunder Minima
  • 510: Yup'ik Understandings of the Environment: "The World is Changing Following Its People"
  • 519: Mix One-Part Astronomy Education Research with One-Part General Education Astronomy Course and You Get a Very Potent Science Literacy Transformation Cocktail
  • 520: AIP Germant Award: Tycho to Kepler: Four Centuries and More of Astronomy and the Media

Press Conferences

  • What's New Under the Sun
  • Galaxies Bright, Faint, Near & Far
  • A Matter of Some Gravity
  • Stars & Stellar Systems
  • Exoplanets & Brown Dwarfs
  • Small Round (& Not-So-Round) Things

222nd AAS Meeting Volunteer Information

The American Astronomical Society is looking for volunteers to help out at the 222nd Meeting in Indianapolis, IN. We love getting help from undergrads, grads, postdocs, and local amateur astronomers at our meetings: to supervise sessions, help at registration, usher at events, and various other odd (but greatly appreciated) jobs. This is a great chance to meet and mingle with your peers, get up to date on the newest science, and pick up some cool freebies in the Exhibit Hall.


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